Property Offences: Theft and Robbery

Theft and robbery are fairly common offences. This may be your first theft or robbery offence, and it may be frightening and confusing. I have done countless cases involving your charge, and can use my experience to your benefit.

I have also acted as defence lawyer for enough of these cases to understand that no two cases are alike. Each charge and each client is unique, with his or her own unique needs.

At Darwin R. Witmer Criminal Law, I examine the details of your case and your needs as a client, and work with you to find the best path through this situation.

What Are You Facing?

When you come in, we will discuss many issues that could influence the case against you, such as:

  • The use of weapons: The use — or threatened use — of a weapon turns a simple theft into a robbery, which is a much more serious charge. The weapon doesn’t have to be a gun or a knife; it can be anything that could be used to cause harm, including a bat or a shoe.
  • The value of the property: Theft Over $5,000 and Theft Under $5,000 are actually two separate charges. The higher amount results in a much more serious attitude from the police and Crown, and may put you at risk of lengthy incarceration and other serious consequences.
  • The context of the charge: If your charge also involves drugs, domestic assault, or any other crime, it may be treated far more seriously. If the theft was from an employer, client or other party who had reason to trust you, it may be treated more seriously as well.
  • Identification: Sometimes a case comes down to eyewitness testimony. We will question witnesses and make sure that you are not being charged for something you did not do.
  • Evidence: Even if you have been found with allegedly stolen materials on you, if applicable I will raise questions about whether you could have known that the items were stolen, whether they were in fact yours, or whether the police had the right to search you when they found the items on you.

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