Property Offences: Fraud And Financial Charges

Fraud and financial charges (sometimes called “white collar” crimes) are part of a very paper-driven area of criminal law.

In many other cases of theft, most of the proof of a crime comes from eyewitnesses or a few pieces of evidence about one event. Fraud and financial charges can involve very detailed evidence, involving a great deal of documentation and taking into account long periods of time and multiple events. These charges include credit card fraud, forgery, bank fraud, insurance fraud and embezzling.

The evidence can get fairly confusing and difficult to sort through. It requires a great deal of organization to understand it and use it effectively.

In white collar crimes, what’s at stake is often not just your freedom but your personal and professional reputation. It’s vital to have a lawyer who is able to understand the evidence in order to defend both.

At Darwin R. Witmer Criminal Law, I have the experience, organizational ability and attention to detail necessary to take on these cases and wade through all of the sometimes confusing and technical evidence.

The Consequences Of Breaching Trust

Two broad types of fraud that courts take particularly seriously are:

  • Fraud involving clients: There are a number of types of fraud, including performing the services you were hired to perform, or taking your clients’ funds as your own. You may be particularly vulnerable to a charge of this type if your work is specialized or involves large sums of money.
  • Fraud involving employers: Employees may be charged with embezzling, wrongfully using employer’s assets for their own advantage, using company credit cards for personal expenses, or a variety of other offences.

Both can be devastating to your professional reputation.

Some charges may arise from honest business failure, or bad luck. Some may involve mistaken identity.

I will examine all of the evidence in your case, and give you my opinion on your options. If it’s possible to prove your innocence through the evidence, I will do so. If the evidence is against you, we will discuss negotiation with the Crown and options that may protect you from excessive negative consequences.

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