Domestic Assault and Domestic Violence

Often, one of the first questions I hear from clients accused of domestic violence charges is, “When can I go home?”

More than most charges, a charge of domestic assault will result in disruption of your life. You will almost certainly be under a No Contact order, in which you are not allowed to contact your alleged victim. Since the alleged victim is often someone close to you, someone you live with, or the parent of your children, this means that your personal life will be turned upside down.

One of my first priorities at Darwin R. Witmer Criminal Law is to help you deal with this as soon as possible.

Your Concerns Drive My Strategy

At our first appointment, I will discuss your concerns surrounding your charge, including:

  • Conditions of release: If your conditions make it impossible for you to see your children, or disrupt your life in other ways, we will deal with them as soon as possible. This may involve applying to change your conditions, or helping you find practical ways to fulfil the conditions while getting your life as close to normal as possible.
  • Criminal record: A conviction could affect your employment, your future, and, in case of a family breakdown, your ability to have contact with your children under your own terms.
  • Justice: An accusation of domestic violence does not automatically imply guilt. These are often very complicated cases, especially if they also involve weapons or allegations of sexual assault. They may also be part of a long-standing marital breakdown, or a misunderstanding that got out of hand. I will help you tell your side of the story.
  • Other forums for resolving the dispute: Because of zero-tolerance policies toward domestic violence, sometimes disputes are brought into the criminal justice system that should not be. There may be more appropriate ways to deal with these matters, including counselling.

As your lawyer I can advise you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and help you decide on the best choices for your situation.

I also know the people involved in this area of law, and know how to work with them to get your family the resolution you need. I can negotiate with the Crown and other decision makers on your behalf, either to vary your release order or to get you appropriate resolution.

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