Effective Bail Hearings In Kitchener-Waterloo

When you or a family member has been arrested, one of the first things you may need to do is get out on bail.

You may have an extreme sense of urgency, and the first lawyer you contact who is willing to take on your case is the one you may want to go with.

That could be a mistake.

It's important to get out, and to get out quickly, yes. But it's also important to hire a lawyer who knows what he's doing, who has done this many times before, and who will not only get you out quickly but will get you out with favourable bail conditions.

At Darwin R. Witmer Criminal Law, I have the experience to get you out soon — but more importantly, I can work toward the goal of making your life as close to normal as possible while you await your trial.

Your Freedom Matters

Depending on your case, it may be a very long time before you go to trial. Depending on your charge, the Crown may have good reasons to keep you incarcerated until your trial. They include:

  • Safety: Particularly if your charge involves violence, such as sexual assault or a weapons-related charge, the Crown may argue that for everyone's safety, you should stay in jail.
  • Possibility of flight: If you do not have good reasons to stay in town (such as a family or a job) or if you have not shown up to court dates before, the Crown may argue that you will leave unless confined.
  • Seriousness of the charge: If the evidence against you is strong, or the charge is serious, the Crown may argue that it would not look good for the justice system to have you released before your trial.

Even if you are released, the Crown may also argue that — for all of the above reasons — your life and your rights should be severely restricted until your trial date. You may have to post a large amount of money, or live with a surety (someone who will guarantee your behaviour), or observe limits on your movements, such as coming home every night right after work.

My role is to counter all of the Crown's arguments, whether they are designed to keep you in jail or to restrict your freedom outside, and get you the least restrictive conditions possible.

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